mecansimo results from the combination of a profound interest in materials and a careful execution of ideas, all this developed with a clear obsession for investigation and innovation of new concepts.

The materialization of these ideas resulted to create the architectural studio based in Madrid and founded in 2012 by Marta Urtasun and Pedro Rica. Specialized in the development and execution of projects, systems and products related to design and architecture. Our work comprehends the complete creative process, from the conceptual idea to the detailed design.
tittle date institution place
Forêt: International Selected FAD 20202020/05Premios FADRouen
Fôret, 1st Place2019/10ConcéntricoRouen
Guardaviñas, 2nd Place2019/04ConcéntricoLogroño
Shenzhen Global Design Award2019/04Idea-TopsChina
Akelarre SDA Nomination Award2019/04Shenzhen Design AwardChina
Best Project - Ardoka2018/12ArchiloversWeb
Best Project - Akelarre2017/12ArchiloversWeb
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